A 90-minute “documentary” on Nestlé’s water business recently went on air. It illustrated a whole spectrum of perceptions, misperceptions and allegations concerning this part of our business. Also one or two commentators on this blog have asked questions about water sold in bottles.

Now, this blog is not about bottled water, and it is neither meant as a smokescreen or an apology for the fact that we offer high-quality water to consumers – an offer they can then decide to accept or to turn down.

This blog is about the rapidly increasing overuse and, as a result, the shortage of freshwater where it is most needed, i.e., to grow food for a further increasing world population, to produce energy, and to supply households with water for all its uses. This is the most vital issue of our time, and in this big picture, bottled water is rather irrelevant. Let me illustrate this with some facts.