From time to time on the internet a video clip from a TV programme made in 2005 about food is posted in which I am talking about whether water is a human right.  It seems it has surfaced again, and people are using it to misrepresent my views on this important issue.

Let me be very clear about this again here on the blog, because I think the video clip, which took my views out of context, isn’t clear about the point I was trying to make.  The water you need for survival is a human right, and must be made available to everyone, wherever they are, even if they cannot afford to pay for it.
However I do also believe that water has a value. People using the water piped into their home to irrigate their lawn, or wash their car, should bear the cost of the infrastructure needed to supply it. 

I have posted about this in more detail before: 'Water is a human right - but not a free good'. Please take a look at that post if you would like to explore the arguments more fully, and of course leave a comment if you would like to join the debate.

I also talked about this topic at our Creating Shared Value Forum in India last year, see the film below.

Thank you for visiting my blog which I hope will give you a more balanced picture of where I stand on this issue. 


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