Interviews at Davos

Attending Davos often involves taking part in interviews.

I’m very pleased to note that water is getting more and more attention in the media. And what is equally important are the often challenging questions asked by journalists, showing that more and more correspondents have a strong understanding of what water issues are actually about.

Questions like those asked by Hadley Gamble from CNBC, and Dave Malkoff, from the Weather Channel - both of whom I spoke to at Davos this week - really get to the heart of the issues. Among the issues addressed in questions from Hadley were:

Reasons for the issue of water scarcity becoming important, and who should take the lead when addressing it, and by when action would be needed. We also discussed the issue of a value for water, and the role of bottled water in this whole context.

Further questions from Dave were about the need for local solutions, and about the need to change attitudes.

These interviews are due to be broadcast at the end of February in the programme “The Edge”. Once I know the exact dates I will mention it in as a PS to this post. I hope you can take a look.

The CNBC interview with Hadley Gamble is available to view here.